In the world of competitive tennis, there is a universal acceptance of the importance and significance of a solid mental game that can provide the competitive difference. The Mental Conditioning training needs to be treated in the same manner as the other developmental areas. In order to be proficient and utilize these skills effectively, a systematic training on an on-going basis is essential for elite players. It is first necessary to have a solid foundation to base your mental growth towards your highest potential as a player. Without this foundation you can not build or develop the appropriate road that will take you to your destination or dream. 


Martha Cobo Sports Performance is a team of professionals that specializes in performance enhancement with a proactive approach to training athletes to reach their highest potential. This team, lead by Martha Cobo MS MHC, provides in a group setting exposure to Martha Cobo’s Mental Conditioning System. It is this system, which consists of 3 keys and 7 tools that provides the foundation to develop the right road to achieve your dreams. The mental training program is integrated in the classroom and on court utilizing; video analysis, group discussion, individual questionnaires, on training and match analysis to instigate the development of self awareness in relation to the tool of the week. Each week’s key or tool coordinated with the specific phase in the periodization cycle that the student athlete is in their training program.