We are committed in helping players succeed in life. We believe that academics plays an integral part in a player’s development and therefore we have partnered with University Sports Program (USP), one of the world leading college placement agencies. USP, has over 20 year experience working with student-athletes around the world and generating scholarship offers in the most prestigious colleges across the USA.


Some of the services offered by USP includes:

    •    Initial Academic and Athletic Evaluation and Assessment.

    •    An attractive player presentation to college coaches.

    •    Production of a college tennis video how college coaches want it.

    •    Assessment on all NCAA and NAIA Eligibility requirements.

    •    Involvement in all communicating with college coaches and preparing the student for interviews and visits.

    •    Screening to select the best colleges based on student’s personal, academic and athletic qualifications.

    •    Negotiation of the best possible scholarship offers based on the client’s skills and competitive performance.

    •    Assistance in the planning of college visits.

    •    Assistance in the admissions and all testing requirements (SAT,ACT and TOEFL).