Club Med Academies offers the most incredible tennis program for all levels of players. At our academy, people can enjoy practicing with the Adult Tennis Program  as well as being able to watch the future stars in the making. The team is certified with the Gabe Coaching Methodology.  The adult program is a high Performance Program and includes technique, live ball drills, basket drills, point development, match play, strategy and tactics, conditioning, clay court movement and mental conditioning. Learning the skills and technique with our system will improve your game giving you knowledge and methods to master your all around game.


During our adult tennis training sessions we offer:


Video analysis and evaluations on the “key factors” of stroke production

Modern tennis techniques

How to play with more topspin

Improve your Serve

Singles and Doubles Strategy and Tactics

Modern Footwork and Adjustments Steps

Daily tournaments

Fitness and/or Conditioning


Key advantages:

Adult program designed by Gabe Jaramillo and Rafael Muzlera

Most complete program

Low player-to-coach ratios

Tennis specific conditioning

Players from many different nationalities

Goal setting

Language programs (optional)

4-star dining

All facilities located in one place 




9.30-11.30am 2 hours Stroke Production and Point Development

1.30-3.30pm 2 hours Stroke Production and Point Development