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It is at this place where the learning process begins. We are strong believers that a dynamic learning culture is achieved when the soft and practical skills of an individual are developed, then applied and measured within a competitive platform. Individualization, skill development, and competitive competence are at the forefront of our educational philosophy. We value the strong connection that our school makes with its families, and are pleased to have the opportunity to share the history and vision of the academy with you.

Individualization, skill development, and competitive competence are at the forefront of CMA’s educational philosophy.  Our blended approach ensures our students receive a superior education giving them the opportunity to attend some of the finest universities in the United States, and become life-long learners with a keen interest in high achievement.

We have placed many of students in colleges and universities such as Harvard, Duke, Penn, Brown and many other top universities throughout the United States, many on athletic and academic scholarship. As a Full-Time Student you have the choice of several schooling options listed below which will help you complete your academic schedule and create a comprehensive training experience, connecting the mind and body through sport and academics.


On-Site Academic Programs

We provide a highly-regimented in-class delivery program with a teacher to student ratio ranging from 1:4 to 1:8. Utilizing an individualized and blended approach, each student’s curriculum is customized. A student’s day is a blend of both academic and sport training. It’s the right blend to help a student athlete reach their goals. Students attending CMA have a variety of college prep academic design options. Each academic plan is carefully tailored based on the student’s talents, skills, and educational experiences. Extensive and exceptional course and curriculum options for the college-bound student are available including Honors level courses and labs as well as, Advanced Placement (AP). The course plans are created so that successful completion prepares our students for college-level courses at the most demanding colleges and universities.


Off-Site Academic Programs

We have partnered with a private school 5 minutes away from the academy. Students in this program go by a more traditional schedule with school in the mornings and sport training in the afternoons.

In the evenings we provide an on-site educational extension, students work with our teaching team to support them with their homework, projects and other assignments that have been given.

Individual consultations with our Academic staff can help make your choice easier and get you connected with the school that meets the students specific needs.