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CMA is a registered accredited educational brick and mortar school with traditional classroom instruction utilizing an accredited curriculum in the State of Florida. CMA is accredited by AdvancED Accreditation Commission, the NCA Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the SAC's Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

At CMA it is important to us that every student has a passion and an area of focus. At the crux of our approach are three blended elements: Sports, Academics, and the Arts.

Within each of these components, there are subjects of specialty, or focus, for example, tennis, golf, engineering/math/ coding, writing/languages, or acting/improvisation, voice, instrument/reading, music/writing, music/ film, photo/drawing painting/sketching, dance, and culinary. Within the areas of specialty, the student participates in their area of major 5 hours per day in one 2 hour and one 3 hour block of time. The other segments of the model are the core required studies. The student participates in core studies 6 hours per day in 2-hour blocks of time.

Core studies include Math, English, Science, Social Studies, History, Languages, PE, and other electives. CMA is a skill oriented competitive learning based program.

CMA currently operates a highly regimented and customized brick and mortar delivery with a very low teacher to student ratio of 1:6-1:8 as well as 1-20 lecture sessions. Each student attends class 5.5-6 hours per day Monday through Friday with no academic session Friday night. In addition, attendees study in their discipline of choice, utilizing on- site facilities, 5 hours per day.

Monday- Friday the typical day is 2 hours of class and 2 hours of sport, art or academic academy training in the morning, 2 hours of academic class and 3 hours of sport training in the afternoon and 2 hours of class in the evening classes are Monday–Thursday).

There are also Saturday classes for those wanting to advance or in need of further individualized support. The classrooms are set up with multiple U- shaped and rectangular desks, with 1 teacher and 8 students at each desk.

In other words, the teachers are at the desks, on their feet, working with the students in the subject that they are teaching during class hours. It’s a regular school setting, the only difference being that there are multiple teachers in the same classroom, offering group and individualized support.